Liz Lane: Tactus – a Fantasia for Harpsichord (2010)


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This beautiful, 7-minute piece of music, written for a double-manual harpsichord, was written by Liz Lane in 2010 for harpsichordist Colin Booth.

She writes: “The opportunity to write for the harpsichordist Colin Booth appealed in several ways: creating something new for a historical instrument, the challenge of working within a framework of the harpsichord’s dynamic limitations whilst utilizing the variety of tonal intricacies available for expressive possibilities, and the relative unusualness of the project. A meeting with Colin in the summer of 2008 resulted in a decision to write a piece of around 6-7 minutes, starting at a fairly free, slow tempo and evolving into something more upbeat; the work would complement, and contrast with, the mostly traditional repertoire of his performance programmes.”

Download format: high-res PDF. Number of pages: 12 including title, preface and performing notes. Format: A4

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Click to hear the work played live at a concert given by Colin Booth in St Lawrence’s Church, Westbury-Sub-Mendip, June 2011