Delicatessen II – Kate Semmens & Steven Devine


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After the preparation, recording and success of Delicatessen (DMCD001), Steven and Kate were keen to delve further into the English song repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries, again driven by composers who set texts so beautifully. They have been careful to stay true to songs written specifically for the combination of voice and keyboard (rather than arrangements of orchestral accompaniments) thereby presenting a programme which becomes domestic in nature. In the previous recording, it was the cantata of John Stanley, usually known for his keyboard works, which provided one of the high points: in the present recording, two further cantatas feature, showing Stanley to be as witty as he is sensitive to the text. Thomas Arne and William Boyce again feature with presentations of lesser-known work. A new discovery for the performers has been the work of William Jackson of Exeter and two songs for voice and obbligato keyboard are presented here. Many of the items are obscure but all are charming and present an interesting glimpse into another social world.

Track listing:

1. John Weldon (1676 – 1736)– The Wakeful Nightingale

Maurice Greene – [Lesson in A minor]
2. Allegro
3. Vivace
4. Molto Allegro

5. Maurice Greene (1696 – 1755) – Sonnet V: The Rolling Wheels
6. Thomas Arne (1710 – 1778) – Isabel
7. Mr [Samuel] Howard (1710 – 1782) – The Blushing Rose
8. John Stanley – As Delia, blest with ev’ry grace
9. John Blow – Gavotte
10. William Jackson (1730 – 1803) – To Fairest Delia’s Grassy Tomb
11. William Jackson – What Shepherd or Nymph of the Grove

Eliza Turner – Lesson No. 1

12. Allegro
13. Scotaza moderato
14. Tambourine allegro
15. Minuetto allegro
16. John Stanley (1712 – 1786) – As in a Pensive Form

James Hook – Sonatina in E major Op. 12 No. 12

17. Andantino pastorale
18. Rondo Allegro

19. William Boyce (1711 – 1779) – Fair Sylvia
20. John Frederic Lampe (1703 – 1751) – The Modest Concealment
21. John Blow – Mortlack’s Ground
22. John Blow (1649 – 1708) – Lovely Selina

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